Posted On December 31, 2010

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Pending pwner permission, this will be the last Broken Paddle post.

2010 has been such an amazing year, especially the latter half, and I scarcely recognize myself when I look in the mirror. Unfortunately, this is not because I finally lost all the weight I’ve been aiming to. (That’s what 2011 is for. I’ve been getting up at 6 am and going to the gym. Of my own accord. And that of a friend. ;-))

But I have dropped a ton of emotional and psychological baggage, and it’s a lot easier to hike uphill without arms loaded full of insecurities and regrets.

Mormons are commanded to be a record keeping people, but add this to my list of small apostasies.

I have no desire to chronicle these struggles for a silent audience. I’m a blogger more than a writer. A quiet exhibitionist more than an historian.

It’s been fun to tell these stories that are a small part of my life, but I’m an economist first, spanko second, and masochist third. I make my decisions on the margin, maximizing utility and minimizing dead weight loss.

This blog is a dead weight loss, and I can’t in good conscience continue.

Unless of course there is government interference.

I will, however, leave you with a parting gift. Sorry if you don’t support FetLife.


One Response to “Good-bye!”

  1. A'marie


    Late to the game, but sad to see you go.

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